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Legacy Leadership Academy
AHCA/NCAL Gold*n*5

AHCA/NCAL National Quality Awards are good for business!
A Collaboration with the Center for Cultural Innovation 
Authored by Gary B. Stroud, PhD and Stephen M. Marek

The AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program recognizes skilled nursing care centers and assisted living communities for quality care and performance excellence. The Program recognizes systematic approaches to organizational performance and focuses on leadership, communications and demonstrated results over time.

GOLD is good for your business! AHCA/NCAL research has demonstrated that Silver and Gold recipients, for the years 2012 to 2014, have superior performance in a number of key outcome areas such as lower rates of re-admissions and anti-psychotic use, higher five-star ratings and higher average occupancy rates.

In 2015, only 4 facilities received AHCA/NCAL Gold - ONLY 4!!

Earning Bronze, Silver and then GOLD is an extraordinary way to demonstrate to your community, your organization’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.

The Legacy Leadership Academy will help you achieve AHCA/NCAL National Quality Gold Award in 5 years or less.

The Legacy Leadership Academy teaches the Legacy Leadership System, an efficient and effective transformational strategic human performance administration system designed to create workplace cultures that positively influence workforce behaviors and workplace outcomes, year after year and for decades to come.

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WHY The Legacy Leadership Academy?
  • Instant access to the Academy’s FOUR Leadership Books, FIVE Master Leadership Guidebooks, Motivational Posters, PowerPoint Presentations and Instructional Videos;
  • 24-hours Continuing Education Credits;
  • Earn a Certificate of Achievement in Strategic Human Performance Administration;
  • Receive the FREE BONUS PROGRAM How Unions Organize containing the Train-the-Trainer Master Leadership Guidebook and Participant Guidebook for the full day union avoidance-training program.

The Legacy Leadership Academy provides all the tools necessary to inspire and influence an entire workforce through positive cultural leadership mechanics, creating workplace environments where people want to be and employees choose to stay. The Academy’s four book series focuses leadership teams on employee work-life cycle events that positively influence workplace outcomes!

Join the Academy now and save $50 over self-study regular pricing.

Enroll your entire leadership team in the Legacy Leadership Academy and begin your National Quality Award journey today. Save $50 (over self-study regular pricing) per enrollee by enrolling NOW!

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Authors' Biographies
Gary B. Stroud, PhD
Gary is the former program chair for human resource management in the graduate and undergraduate school at Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. Before joining Franklin University, Gary spent more than 25 years in the corporate business world, starting his career with Johnson & Johnson in their human resources department. He played an active role in the development of their international manufacturing. Later, as vice president of human resources, Gary was responsible for human resources at manufacturing plants in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and England. He served as vice president of human resources in two Fortune 200 health-care companies and is currently the president and chief executive officer of Freshwater HR Consulting and Recruiting. His research interests are in mergers and acquisitions, leadership qualities, organizational behavior, ethics, and change behavior. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human resources, and a PhD in business.
Stephen Michael Marek
Stephen is a Human Resource professional with 30+ years experience in the Long Term Care industry, 15 of those years serving as Vice President of Human Resources. Mr. Marek is recognized for customizing effective solutions to improve customer/employee and employer synergies. His publications have been recognized by the American College of Health Care Administrators and the National Association of Board of Examiners (NAB) as professional continuing education programming as self-study programs targeting Employee-Centered worplace practices such as recruitment/retention strategies and union avoidance. He also managed daily and long-term strategic planning and human resource initiatives for several of the largest long-term care providers in the nation serving in capacities from Manger of Training and Development to Vice President Human of Resources. He has earned distinction as “Executive-in-Residence” at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. In 2011, Stephen wrote “Almost”, an Editor’s Choice Award winning mystery novel. And in 2013, Stephen wrote Curing Hepatitis C, his first hand patient accounting and a deeply personal journey through the side effects associated with triple combination drug therapy and the curing of hepatitis C.

The AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program
The AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program recognizes skilled nursing care centers and assisted living communities for quality care and performance excellence. The demands of the National Quality Award criteria prepare providers for CMS’ impending Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement (QAPI) program. Both QAPI and the Quality Award Program utilize a systematic approach to organizational performance and focus on leadership,responding to staff and customers, and demonstrating results. The AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award is a great way to show residents, family members and the community at-large an organization’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.
The program has three distinct levels; facilities must receive an award at each level to progress to the next level.
Bronze - Commitment to Quality
The first step in this journey is the Bronze – Commitment to Quality Award. The goal of this level is to provide the tools and resources needed for continuous performance improvement by assessing the organization’s mission, vision, and key factors that lead to success. To achieve the Bronze Award, facilities will be able to describe links between their mission, key customers and strategic position, and to show evidence of successful improvements driven by their performance improvement system.
Silver - Achievement in Quality
The second step in this journey is the Silver – Achievement in Quality Award. At this level, facilities continue to learn and develop effective approaches that help improve performance and health care outcomes thorough assessment of systematic approaches and the deployment of these approaches. To achieve the Silver Award, facilities will be able to provide an extensive self-assessment of their systematic approaches and the deployment of those approaches; and describe performance measures and sustainable organizational and process results that are linked to their key customer requirements, success factors, and challenges.
Gold - Excellence in Quality
The final step in this journey is the Gold – Excellence in Quality Award. At this level, facilities must show superior performance in the areas leadership, strategic planning, and customer and staff satisfaction. To achieve the Gold Award, facilities must demonstrate that they are achieving high levels of performance over time in the areas of health care, customer satisfaction, operational finances, workforce, process and leadership.

Academy Overview
Course 1: Excellence The Path Chosen (NAB Approved | 6 CEUs), provides the insight and tools to develop the vision and skills necessary to create an involved, engaged, and committed workforce. It addresses the issues of recruitment, retention, and employee workplace satisfaction - problem areas common to many workplaces - providing a leadership platform for future greatness.

Course 2: High Octane Mentoring (NAB Approved | 6 CEUs), lays out a detailed roadmap for new-hire employee success; including, individual processes and the leadership system necessary to develop, implement and maintain a highly effective, totally efficient and extraordinarily productive Employee-Centered Mentoring Program. This book provides the step-by-step processes necessary to construct, launch and manage a High Octane, Employee-Centered, Mentoring Program. It will assist you in the creation of high-performance employees from newly hired applicants while perpetuating positive cultural continuity.

Course 3: Those with Vision … Lead (NAB Approved | 6 CEUs), is the leadership guide to building a sustainable legacy leadership system within the workplace. It provides the nine Work/Life Principles that will change your leadership life and very possibly, your personal life, FOREVER!

Course 4: How Unions Organize (NAB Approved | 6 CEUs), provides the critical knowledge that every workplace manager must possess in order to keep unions out of today’s workplace. It is an inside look at how unions organize workplaces in todays modern work environment. It is based upon our experience in the trenches, dealing with union organizers, high-priced lawyers, corporate consultants, the government and the havoc an organizing effort wreaks on the workplace. This book presents the essentials that are taught at the very beginning of any union organizing effort, the essentials that management teams need to know - before the union’s message shows up on your employee’s computer screens. This book contains essential information that will save your workplace years of headaches and tens of thousands of dollars!

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