Assisted Living Managers Training Course

Offered EVERY month via GoToMeeting
Meets the State requirements in §553.253(a)(2)
Additional Fees apply for NFAs taking for CEUs
NAB approved
Your certificate does not expire
*** No comprehensive test to pass to receive your certificate ***
You are able to register up to the date of the course by phone.
You are able to take the course all in one month or spread over three months.
You are able to reschedule any course for which you have registered without penalty.
You will typically receive your certificate of completion within 2 business days of receipt of course work.
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Not all Assisted Living Manager Training courses are Equal

Save Time, Save Money
Our course meets the State of Texas training requirements
without additional travel and hotel expenses

Fact: Texas requires an 8-hour course covering the Licensing Standards for ALFs handbook within the first 90-days of employment as an Assisted Living Manager.

Fact: There is NO state mandated licensing or certification process at this time.  Texas DOES NOT require you to pass a test to be an Assisted Living Manager.

Fact: Texas requires a 24-hour training course to be completed within the first year of employment as an Assisted Living Manager.

HHSC lists the education requirements for Managers/Executive Directors of ALFs in the Licensing Standards of ALFs Handbook.  §553.253(a)(2) states that a manager must complete at least one educational course on the management of assisted living facilities, which must include information on the assisted living standards; resident characteristics (including dementia), resident assessment and skills working with residents; basic principles of management; food and nutrition services; federal laws, with an emphasis on accessibility requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act; community resources; ethics, and financial management. The course must be at least 24 hours in length. A manager must complete eight hours of training covering the assisted living standards within the first three months of employment.

CHA Seminars' Assisted Living Managers Training Course meets the state requirements

No additional travel and hotel expenses
Offered every month via Webinar using GoToMeeting

Day 1 ~ Human Resources: A General Overview
NAB Approved | 8 CEUs including 4 Ethics hrs
This program is designed to give you the tools to manage the legal and ethical implications of the laws and regulatory issues related to your employees.
Module I will review the major issues involved with difficult employees, a three-step process to help you transcend preconceptions about difficult employees and how to avoid missteps in managing difficult employees; how to assess your own assertiveness, what causes unassertiveness and how to take action toward becoming more assertive; basic ADA requirements, which disabilities and impairments are protected by the ADA, how to make reasonable accommodations and legal questions to ask once a disabled person has been hired; the benefits and risks of at-will employment and how to avoid liability for a wrongful termination.
Module II will review how company policies are essential tools for preventing trouble in the workplace, laws regarding employees' rights and employers' rights to monitor employees; how to spot discrimination, how to avoid discrimination and how to prevent unintentional discrimination when hiring, promoting and terminating employees; how to prevent and handle sexual harassment in the workplace, what comprises an effective sexual harassment policy, how to recognize the conditions under which sexual harassment can occur and how to implement the proper legal procedures when a sexual harassment complaint is received.
Module III will review the limitation of coverage under the FLSA, how employees are treated differently, depending on position or level, the pay requirements and applicability of the FLSA, how to make important payroll choices and how the FLSA requires employers to document hours and wages of its employees; the coverage and conditions under the FMLA, how to resolve issues pertaining to FMLA requests and how to recognize the rights of both employees and employers following an FMLA leave; what is religious discrimination and harassment on the job, how to accommodate religious beliefs and practices, the limits on accommodation obligations, your role as a manager and how to avoid religious discrimination and harassment.
Module IV will review the three principles to keeping interviews within legal boundaries, what to avoid during the interview process, the protected characteristics that describe what can and cannot be asked when interviewing and other legal issues regarding the interview process; what is employment at will, the restrictions and exceptions for termination and what is meant by progressive discipline and due process; how to prevent lawsuits; the top ten issues to keep in mind during employee interactions and how to effectively deal with these issues to stay on the right side of the law.
Day 2 ~ Mgmt Concepts, Community Resources and Resident Characteristics
NAB Approved | 8 CEUs including 4 Ethics hrs
Management Concepts reviews how strong financial abilities allow you to look at the financial health of your company, your competition and your customers, to make financially sound business decisions. Financial ratios are the principal tools of financial statement analysis and are used to measure the financial success of a company. This course will help you to recognize the purpose, structure and use of the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement and how your business decisions can enhance or detract from an organization's value in the marketplace; how to identify, calculate and interpret key financial ratios, how financial ratios have the greatest significance when used to make year-to-year comparisons for purposes of determining trends, and how to make comparisons with industry or key competitors' data.
Diversity Effectiveness in the workplace goes way beyond race, sexism and gender. It's composed of a changing blend of attributes, behaviors and talents, characterized by difference and similarities. To be successful in today's work environment, you need to become an effective diversity respondent. This means you must demonstrate a blend of diversity maturity and core diversity skills. This course will review the importance of conducting business in an ethical manner, how to apply a practical method to reach ethically sound business decisions; the meaning of diversity and diversity maturity, and the steps and how to apply diversity effectiveness in the workplace; the meaning of diversity, specific strategies for becoming an effective diversity respondent, how to assess your diversity situation, diversity action options and steps to take toward diversity.
Resident Characteristics will review the characteristics of residents in long-term care facilities and how to assess those characteristics and treatments available. This course will review Alzheimer’s Disease, Arthritis, Cholesterol, Cold & Flu, COPD, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Basics, Heartburn & GERD, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Stroke & Recovery .
Day 3 ~ Texas Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities
NAB Approved | 8 CEUs
Review the Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities Handbook, TAC Title 40, Part 1, Chapter 92. The Standards contain minimum standards a facility must meet in order to be licensed as an assisted living facility and serve as a basis for licensure survey activities.