HCSSA Provider Communications

HHSC issues updates from time to time regarding the regulations and information needed for your facility to be in compliance. Below are the Information Letters (IL), Provider Letters (PL), Federal Survey & Certification Letters (S&C), State Survey & Certification Clarification Memos (S&CC) and Regional Survey & Certification Letters (RS&C) for Home & Community Support Services Agencies.
If you notice anything missing or would like to see additional information, please call us at 512-336-1005. Thank you!!

Information Letters (IL)
Employment Services Web-Based Training
Information Letter #17-10

Person-Centered Planning (PCP)Web-Based Training and Webpage
Information Letter #17-04

2014 Cost Report and Cost Report Preparer Requirements
Information Letter #15-05A

2014 Cost Report and Cost Report Preparer Requirements
Information Letter #15-05

Upcoming Updates to Institutional Claim Submission for TexMedConnect and Electronic Data Interchange Transactions
Information Letter #14-82

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Provider Letters (PL)
Initial Administrator Training Approval (replaces PL #08-15)
Provider Letter #18-22

Incident Reporting Requirements (replaces PL #13-04 & PL#18-07)
Provider Letter #18-20

Emergency Preparedness Reminder (replaces PL #15-15 & PL #15-04)
Provider Letter #18-19

Notification Requirements in Response to an Emergency or Disaster (replaces PL #09-17)
Provider Letter #18-16

New Web-based Licensure System - Texas Unified Licensure Information Portal (TULIP)
Provider Letter #18-15

Physical Location
Provider Letter #18-14

HCSSAs that Contract with Management Companies
Provider Letter #18-13

Amended Nursing Peer Review Committee (NPRC) Requirements and a State Agency’s Duty to Report
Provider Letter #18-06

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Federal Survey & Certification Letters (S&C)
An Initiative to Address Facility Initiated Discharges that Violate Federal Regulations
S&C Letter #18-08

Clarification regarding Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP/CEP) Waiver and Appeal Requirements
S&C Letter #18-02

Revised Policies regarding the Immediate Imposition of Federal Remedies- FOR ACTION
S&C Letter #18-01

Advance Notice Solicitation Deadline - National Background Check Program
S&C Letter #17-47

Electronic Staffing Submission - Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Public Use File
S&C Letter #17-45

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State Survey & Certification Clarification Memos (S&CC)
New Rules for HCSSAs Providing Habilitation
S&CC Memo #16-11

Employee Misconduct Registry (EMR), Nurse Aide Registry (NAR), and Medication Aide Registry (MAR) Referral Process (replaces S&CC #14-04)
S&CC Memo #16-05

Survey Revisit Guidance
S&CC Memo #16-04

Prompt Reporting of Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (ANE)
S&CC Memo #16-02

Nursing Facility Administrator (NFA) License Verification
S&CC Memo #16-01

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Regional Survey & Certification Letters (RS&C)
Temporary Facility Closure for Repair or Renovation
RS&C Letter #17-05

Guidance for Processing Non-Compliance with State Licensure Requirements
RS&C Letter #14-02

CMS Region VI-Dallas Delegation of Notification of the Imposition and Starting Date of Optional Denial of Payment for New Admissions to the State Survey Agencies in Region VI
RS&C Letter #12-04

Procedural Instructions for Processing Certifications Concerning Legal Names and Doing Business as Names of Providers and Suppliers
RS&C Letter #12-02

Voluntary Termination and Related Processes
RS&C Letter #12-01

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