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Resources for Nursing Facility Admins

HHSC licenses Nursing Facility Administrators (NFAs) and enforces professional standards. The following information has been compiled from the HHSC website for easy reference.

If you have any questions regarding your license, please feel free to email and

NFAs are licensed and regulated under TAC Title 26, Part 1, Ch 555 and HSC Title 4, Ch 242.

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HHSC Enforcement Action Against your License

CHA Seminars will assist you in clearing any additional CEUs assessed against your license due to HHSC Enforcement Actions.

We will review your case to get the appropriate courses approved and then get back with you to schedule dates/times to complete. Once you have completed all your assessed hours, we will email your certificate to HHSC and email a copy to you.

To get started, please forward your PROPOSED or FINAL/ACCEPTED letter to either fax 512-336-1008 or scan/email to

Continuing Education (CEUs)

HHSC requires 40 hours CEUs for license renewal. These hours must include a minimum of 6 hrs in Ethics and the 4-hr HHSC Mandatory Training (links below).

HHSC has updated the CEU requirements for NFAs and no longer have the live/classroom requirement.

CHA Seminars now offers an NFA 36-hr CEU (including 6-hrs Ethics) SELF-STUDY package meeting state license renewal requirements in §555.35.

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HHSC Mandatory Training

HHSC requires every NFA to complete the Infection Control and Personal Protective Equipment training each license renewal period.

Please use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to receive course credit (certificate of completion). Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer as your certificate may not populate. If this happens you will need to retake the course on a different browser to obtain credit.

Please print your certificate after the completion each module. These four (4) certificates must be uploaded to TULIP with each license renewal.

To take the training, please click on the links below:

Fingerprints via IdentoGO

HHSC requires every NFA to complete a background check each license renewal period.

The HHSC Service Code is 11JH8H.

To schedule your appointment, please go to and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please schedule your appointment within 90 days of your renewal date.

LTC Provider Bulletins by TMHP

The Long-Term Care Provider Bulletin is produced on a quarterly basis. Each issue contains that quarter's news and other important program updates.

Latest issue - February 2024 LTC Bulletin #97

Previous issues:

November 2023 LTC Bulletin #96

August 2023 LTC Bulletin #95

May 2023 LTC Bulletin #94

February 2023 LTC Bulletin #93

For older issues, please visit the TMHP Provider Bulletins page.

Preceptor Training

All Preceptor applications are submitted via the TULIP system using Form 5520-NFA.

The TULIP User Guide is available online. Instructions for the Preceptor Application begin on Pg 142.

Please print your certificate at the end of each module. These four (4) certificates must be uploaded to TULIP with your online application.

The Preceptor seminar is offered by NAB at

TULIP - NFA Licensing System

Effective 2/28/2022, Nursing Facility Administrator (NFA) licensees and applicants will apply via Texas Unified License Information Portal (TULIP), a web-based licensure system designed specifically for licensed long-term care providers and licensees. TULIP will allow NFAs to complete all licensing and application functions online.

License numbers have been updated for TULIP to a NFA123456 format. Depending on your license number, you will need to add either NFA00 or NFA0 to the beginning of your license number. For example, if your license number is 1234, your updated license number is NFA001234 and if your license number is 12345, your updated license number is NFA012345.

The TULIP User Guide and TULIP Registration Help Guide are available online.

  • Account Setup - Pg 6
  • Inactivate your License - Pg 184
  • Preceptor Application - Pg 196
  • License Renewal - Pg 223

To setup your account, please go to and follow the on-screen instructions.

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