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What We Do
CHA Seminars provides the following services for long-term care professionals:
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Training in Management of Assisted Living Facilities
  • Training in Administration of Home Health Agencies
  • In-Service Programs
  • Administrator Searches
  • HIPAA Compliance Training
  • Hours for IJ's and Sanctions from DADS

Continuing Education Courses
CHA Seminars has been a provider of continuing education for long-term care professionals since 1991. We offer a variety of quality continuing education courses for Nursing Home Administrators (NHA), Assisted Living Directors/Managers, Home Health Administrators, Home Health Alternate Administrators, Social Workers and Certified Nurse Aides.
Courses are offered via live video conference and self-study. Our live video conferences offer flexible scheduling, including monthly Saturday courses. Our self-study courses allow individuals to print a certificate upon successful completion of each course.
CHA Seminars is Certified Sponsor of professional continuing education by the National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) of the National Association of Boards of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators (NAB). All education courses offered by CHA Seminars have been reviewed and approved according to the standards set by the National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) of the National Association of Boards of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators (NAB) for the continuing education hours indicated with each course. For additional information, please contact NAB at 1444 I St NW Ste 700 | Washington DC 20005-2210 | phone (202) 712-9040 | www.nabweb.org. State licensure and regulatory boards have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses.
Training in Management of Assisted Living Facilities
CHA Seminars' Assisted Living Managers Training Course meets the requirements of training in management of assisted living facilities required by DADS Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities Handbook in Subchapter C, §92.41(a)(1)(B) Standards for Type A and Type B Assisted Living Facilities: “Training in Management of Assisted Living Facilities. After August 1, 2000, a manager must have completed at least one educational course on the management of assisted living facilities, which must include information on the assisted living standards; resident characteristics (including dementia), resident assessment and skills working with residents; basic principles of management; food and nutrition services; federal laws, with an emphasis on the Americans with Disabilities Act's accessibility requirements; community resources; ethics, and financial management. The course must be at least 24 hours in length. Eight hours of training on the assisted living standards must be completed within the first three months of employment. The 24-hour training requirement may not be met through in-services at the facility, but may be met through structured, formalized classes, correspondence courses, training videos, distance learning programs, or off-site training courses. All training must be provided or produced by academic institutions, assisted living corporations, or recognized state or national organizations or associations. Subject matter that deals with the internal affairs of an organization will not qualify for credit. Evidence of training must be on file at the facility and must contain documentation of content, hours, dates, and provider. Managers hired after August 1, 2000, must complete the course by the first anniversary of employment as manager."
Training in Administration of Home Health Agencies
CHA Seminars' Initial 8-hour and Additional 16-hour Training Courses meet the requirements of Initial Educational Training in Administration of Agencies required by DADS Licensing Standards for Home and Community Support Services Agencies Handbook in Subchapter C, §97.259(c) & (d) Initial Educational Training in Administration of Agencies: "Prior to designation, a first-time administrator or alternate administrator must complete eight clock hours of educational training in the administration of an agency. The initial eight clock hours must be completed during the 12 months immediately preceding the date of designation to the position. The initial eight clock hours must include (1) information on the licensing standards for an agency; and (2) information on the state and federal laws applicable to an agency, including the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 142, Home and Community Support Services, and Chapter 250, Nurse Aide Registry and Criminal History Checks of Employees and Applicants for Employment in Certain Facilities Serving the Elderly or Persons with Disabilities; the Texas Human Resources Code, Chapter 102, Rights of the Elderly; the Americans with Disabilities Act; the Civil Rights Act of 1991; the Rehabilitation Act of 1993; the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993; and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements. A first-time administrator and alternate administrator must complete an additional 16 clock hours of educational training before the end of the first 12 months after designation to the position. Any of the additional 16 clock hours may be completed prior to designation if completed during the 12 months immediately preceding the date of designation to the position. The additional 16 clock hours must include the following subjects and may include other topics related to the duties of an administrator (1) information regarding fraud and abuse detection and prevention; (2) legal issues regarding advance directives; (3) client rights, including the right to confidentiality; (4) agency responsibilities; (5) complaint investigation and resolution; (6) emergency preparedness planning and implementation; (7) abuse, neglect, and exploitation; (8) infection control; (9) nutrition (for agencies licensed to provide inpatient hospice services); and (10) the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) (for agencies licensed to provide licensed and certified home health services)."
In-Service Programs
CHA Seminars in-service programs are offered via self-study utilizing a learning management system (LMS). This LMS is a complete, secure, web-based training and e-learning solution that employs a simple and intuitive user interface. In this way both technical and non-technical training managers can easily manage and track interactive training courses and learning programs for all levels of users.
Our LMS is designed to fit any organization size. You will have the sophistication favored by larger companies. Yet, you will enjoy the flexibility, simplicity and customization of a LMS that will not overwhelm or financially drain smaller organizations.
Our LMS is available and delivered online. Therefore you do not have to install complex programs, impact your budget for hardware or software, or hire or maintain an IT department. Your custom and secure e-learning system can be deployed in less than two (2) days. Training can begin immediately -- at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods. Use CHA Seminars' LMS to deliver personalized training to your entire organization.
CHA Seminars offers the LMS solution for you. All you and your learners need to access your secure learning and training web site is a web browser. Your e-learning management system is set up as soon as you complete the easy, no obligation signup process.
Administrator Searches
CHA Seminars has the capability to notify over 2500 administrators about an open position through e-mail and fax blasts. The initial notification may include such details as location, ownership, salary, facility size, current census and any other information available. Your open position will be posted until filled in our weekly e-mails. Your information will get into the hands of the people you want to reach. Expect responses within two hours after the initial blast. 
The responses are sent to a designated e-mail address (for example YourFacilityName@CHAseminars.com), then immediately forwarded to one or more e-mails of your choosing. CHA Seminars does not review, omit or attempt to entice anyone away from a current position. Our intent is to inform the administrators of your opening and let them respond accordingly.
HIPAA Compliance Training
CHA Seminars has HIPAA Compliance Training via our learning management system. This course will help you and your staff comply with HIPAA. Each staff member will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.
After completing this course, your staff should be able to identify covered entities under HIPAA
  • List eight electronic health transactions covered by HIPAA and the medical code sets to be used for these transactions
  • Recognize safeguards required by HIPAA to ensure the security and integrity of electronic health information
  • Identify the unique employer identifier used under HIPAA
  • Distinguish between uses and disclosures of health information that are and are not allowed under the HIPAA Privacy Rule
Hours for IJ's and Sanctions from DADS
CHA Seminars has NAB approved hours to satisfy your IJ's and sanctions from DADS. These hours are provided on your schedule.